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Electronic Court Filing is Mandatory in courts across Texas. eFile your legal documents quickly and easily with CourtFiling.net.

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The transition from traditional physical court filing to eFiling is now official in Texas Courts. Texas Courts have been transitioning to electronic filing (eFiling) as it is the next step in advancing the judicial system. With electronic filing, you can digitally submit your legal paperwork directly to the county clerk through CourtFiling.net.

Court filing is the process of submitting your legal documents to the local county clerk office for review to be approved or rejected. Filing documents allow you to submit your case to the court system for proper due process. Efiling makes this process easier, as it is achievable without visiting the courthouse.


CourtFiling.net was founded with the mission to provide accessible eFiling for lawyers, paralegals, and pro se litigants.

We are proud to provide efficient and affordable eFiling to Texas. Efiling is a necessary step to ensure that your legal case is properly submitted and handled by the courts, and CourtFiling.net is the best choice for your filing needs.

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Electronic filing service providers (EFSP) like CourtFiling.net connect the filer with the court system. By filing through CourtFiling.net, your paperwork is directly sent to the clerk for review.

Please keep in mind that eFiling rules and procedures vary across Texas counties, court systems, and judges. Contact your local county court or the court where your case is filed for official information regarding your case.

*Please note that the Texas courts are not directly affiliated with CourtFiling.net.

CourtFiling.net is a Texas certified electronic filing service provider. Our system offers a secure and official transfer of your legal documents straight into the county clerk's office for approval.


What is CourtFiling.net?

As a Texas certified electronic filing service provider, CourtFiling.net is how lawyers, paralegals, firms, and private individuals can file their paperwork into the Texas judicial system.

We provide the digital connection to submit legal documents to the Texas courts, all within a user-friendly dashboard. Through our platform, you can manage your eFiling paperwork, status, and more.

What are CourtFiling.net features?

Alongside our eFiling features like PDF conversion and reporting, we offer 24/7 support. Since rules and procedures vary across locations and case types, we are here to help guide you to success.

Our advanced eFiling features make the filing process even easier. PDF conversion, case summaries, status, additional support requests, and reports are just some of the benefits available to CourtFiling.net users.

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